~Vera Opfreechekakol commented on Dec 8, 2014

Re: Domino Designer URLs for XPages

Above mentioned URL format "notes:foo.nsf/main.xsp?OpenXPage&par1=bar&par2=baz" does not work. It returns error "The DocLink database cannot be located".

~Denise Chutoosterings commented on Jan 19, 2010

Domino Designer URLs for XPages

I see someone else is banging their head on the desk with exactly this problem. The documentation for xpages is RISIBLE!

Come on guys: get with it.


~Elizabeth Umvelusteretsi commented on Jan 14, 2010

Domino Designer URLs for XPages

There have been postings and problem reports regarding the results of search not being in proper order so I think this is a more general problem. Development is looking at it.

~Hal Minkisterings commented on Jan 14, 2010

Domino Designer URLs for XPages


I was trying to use the sortOrder along with search and it doesnot work? I want the search results to be in the same order as the view, but it always displays the result based on the relevance. (I tried entering '4' in sortorder which is the value for keeping the results in the same order in searchview url).

Is there anything else I have to do to get it working??